10. The Westgate Bridge – GM

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ‘I like the bridge, all those car lights moving in the dark. Mum and Dad and I used to drive over it because Dad likes the view.’ – pg 133

Wikipedia tells me that the 180,000 people cross the Westgate Bridge every day and it’s one of ‘the busiest road corridors in Australia’.  Which would explain why it’s such a mother-effing bitch to use.  As a Melbournian, I feel quite comfortable in saying that I loathe the Westgate Bridge.  Aside from the fact that it’s always busy, (despite having 5 lanes open in either direction) it’s bloody confusing, scary and old mate TomTom (my GPS) looses his shit when I’m using it and gives me the wrong directions.  Which is why you should all applaud me for driving over it so that we could capture the view from it (see photo below).  Before we drove over it, we also got quite a few of it (see photo above feat. Rachel’s super-artistic photography skills) because you can see the bridge from so many places when you’re in the West side.  It’s all very industrial and so very Graffiti Moon-esque.



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