13. Todd Road Petrol Station – GM

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘”Stop the van, Leo,” I yell…… “I’m on a freeway in the fast lane.”…… The others go across the road to the petrol station for food.” – pgs 201-202

This was our last stop for the day on our second Graffiti Moon tour. I do wish we could’ve gone at night, as that’s when they’re there, but unfortunately, our tours are usually a day thing so that we have enough time to get to every location. Getting to this particular location involved driving over the Westgate bridge, which is something Annette haaaaates doing so we made sure we knew where we going so we didn’t get lost and have to drive back over to get to it or loop around back to it or whatever-clearly-I-know-nothing-about-the-Western-suburbs. Which actually wasn’t hard in this case – **who gets lost driving over a bridge? ANYWAY. It was your pretty standard issue petrol station. There was petrol. There was snacks. I bought snacks cos driving over the Westgate made me sad that it wasn’t the Anzac (the best bridge in Australia) and I enjoy eating my feelings. We didn’t buy petrol but I highly recommend this petrol station (hahaha) simply because I now associate it with Graffiti Moon.

**I’m pretty sure we’ve done this before

– Rachel



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