The Difference Between Reading and Writing

You know those well-meaning questions that just really grind your gears?  There is no malicious intent, no harm intended, but they just really bug you?  The question I often get (and more often than not it’s from non-readers) is “so when are you going to write a novel?” Let me clear this up, there is a difference between being a reader and being a writer.  Sure, you can be both, but you can also be one or the other.  I don’t believe that you have to be an avid reader to be a good writer, and I don’t believe that you have to want to write to be an avid reader.  The fact that I am writing about this is somewhat contradictory to my argument, but I stand by it because blogging is not the same as writing a novel.

The question I should probably be asking myself is; why does that question annoy me so much?  Shouldn’t I feel pleased that people have faith in my ability to write a novel?  I probably should, but I think what it comes down to is that the people who often ask me this question have not read anything I’ve written.  It’s purely based on the fact that I like to read, which is not a good enough reason to assume that someone would a) be a good writer and b) want to write.

Here is my number 1, top reason that I would not write a novel…are you ready for it?  I’m lazy.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a variety of other reasons why I wouldn’t want to be a writer, like the fact that I don’t have a story to tell and the fact that I don’t consider myself to be very good at writing (not to the extent that is required in order to produce a good novel) but I could put all those other reasons aside if I wasn’t lazy.  If I wasn’t lazy, I would probably write a novel “just ‘cos”, with no intention of ever getting it published or having anyone read it.  But the thought of sitting down for hours every day to write just does not appeal to me.  Sitting down to read, on the other hand, is pretty much heaven.

Aside from my own personal reasons as to why I wouldn’t want to write a novel, I firmly believe that enjoying books does not a good writer make.  It may benefit your ability to spell or to form coherent sentences, but that’s like saying that everyone who likes TV should be an actor, or anyone who plays video games should be creating them.  If everyone who enjoys reading decided to write a book, imagine how many crappy books we would have to wade through before we got to the good ones?  No offence to those of you out there who are currently trying to get published, I’m not trying to say you are bad writers, I’m just saying that the people out there like me should not take it up as a career path.  Let us stick to blogging, where we can upload whatever the hell we want for free and only our family members and friends have a minor responsibility to read skim pretend to have read what we’ve written.



What’s Next For The Tome Travellers….

As of the end of January 2014, we have officially posted all location photos taken on our Melina-Marchetta-inspired road trip to Sydney in October 2012. We’ve had so much fun sharing them with you all and reliving the memories of one of the funnest weeks of our lives… And yes, through telling our stories, I’ve realised just how often we got lost and obviously, as unofficial co-navigator to TomTom, I’m going to need to start brushing up on my lacklustre skills… But come on, let’s be honest here, there’s really only one thing to blame for that and it’s the absolute hopeless planning of Sydney’s roads.

So, you may ask, what now? Well, Annette and I plan to continue this blog using the same idea, but with different books – hence the change in blog name. Rather than being specific to one author, we are now going to be branching out to cover other Aussie YA books set in Melbourne. At the moment, there is a few we have our eye on and we are currently in the midst of making another location list and of course, a playlist for a title released last year. Hopefully within the next few weeks, we’ll be venturing out on our next book tour. We also look to start possibly doing a few reviews here and there as well as other book related posts, and the occasional meme, all on a more regular basis than our previous posts have been.

Also, please bear with us while we try to figure out how to format the blog with a more personalised look (tips and helpful hints welcome!)

– Rachel and Annette