Our Top Two Favourite Quotes From Graffiti Moon

‘I like that about art, that what you see is sometimes more about who you are than what’s on the wall.’ – Lucy, pg 20

‘Mum says when wanting collides with getting, that’s the moment of truth. I want to collide.’ – Lucy, pg 2


Graffiti Moon – The Playlist

Okay. So this playlist is a little different from our previous ones. With the exception of Looking For Alibrandi, all the other books we’ve toured have had plenty of musical references, making their playlists 15 songs + at least. In Graffiti Moon, I only found mention of two songs (as well as a few references to bands/musicians). So what I’ve done is split it into 3 parts consisting of: the 2 songs from Graffiti Moon, 8 songs we heard/listened to on our 3 part book tour and 5 of our own picks! I hope you like it.


Today by The Smashing Pumpkins

Ironic by Alanis Morissette


Addicted To Love by Robert Palmer – This was playing in Savers. While Annette was studiously trying to find the perfect outfit, I was walk-dancing down the aisle behind her, being a creep while also trying to find the perfect outfit

Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers – As mentioned in a previous post, we heard this playing live in a pub in Anderson Street in Yarraville. He sounded good, but I can’t get fully behind someone who chooses to cover it, but doesn’t include ALL of the 27 I know, I know’s in that one really annoying part of the song.

Thrift Shop by Macklemore feat. Wanz – We blasted this in the car after leaving Savers, a THRIFT SHOP. What what what what, what what what what….

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen – Annette decided she needed to listen to this at some point while driving around during book tour 2. So we did.

Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio feat L.V. – One of my picks, even though I still go to sing Amish Paradise more often than not when I hear this song…

Slide by Goo Goo Dolls – I distinctly remember putting it on while driving on the freeway on the way home from the CBD on book tour 1. Goddamn, I love this song.

Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye – I took control of Annette’s iphone and chose this cos why the fuck not.

I Want You To Want Me by Letters To Cleo – Another of Annette’s I NEED TO HEAR THIS NOW songs


The Sound Of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel – ♪♫ And the sign said the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls ♫♪  For Shadow and Poet

Riot Van by Arctic Monkeys – ♪♫ Up rolls a riot van and sparks excitement in the boys ♫♪ – For Leo

Northern Wind by City & Colour – ♪♫ If I could just find you tonight ♫♪ – For Lucy

Feel Again by OneRepublic – ♪♫ But with you I feel again yeah with you I can feel again ♫♪ – For Ed

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2 – ♪♫ But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for ♫♪ – For Ed, Lucy, Leo and Jazz, the awesome foursome.

(Also posted on our playlists page).

Melbourne Graffiti: Union Lane


As well as answering about a bajillion location questions that we had, Cath also kindly provided us with some great street art locations that she visited for Graffiti Moon inspiration. These photos were taken on our GM book tour part 1, also known as The Great Melbourne Graffiti Hunt of 2014.

Union Lane is another great location showcasing Melbourne Graffiti. We took a lot of photos here, but again, the two pictured are our favourites. The picture above is a style that we saw in a couple of locations and I absolutely love it. In fact, I would pay to have something similar painted onto an interior wall in my house (I can’t even fathom the amount of talent that would be needed to paint something like that). The picture below just had to be taken because it’s so ghetto (says the whitest, least ghetto person in the entire world). I found it a bit ironic too, because I’m pretty sure Union Lane is a legal graffiti wall so they aren’t really fucking the system by sticking to the rules, which made me like it even more.

– Annette


The Art In Graffiti Moon

Art is a very major part of Graffiti Moon. While Annette & I only visited Kirra Galleries in our travels, Cath drew inspiration from exhibitions in the Anna Schwartz Gallery, Tolarno Galleries and Craft Victoria (all located in the CBD). Some of the places and pieces that get a direct mention are:


This is a glass sculpture done by Lucy’s favourite glass artist, Dale Chihuly, (mentioned on pg 170) originally called Ice Blue and Spring Green Chandelier, but now known as the V&A Rotunda Chandelier. It hangs under the glass rotunda at the entrance to the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington, London.


The National Gallery in Victoria, (mentioned on pgs 38, 113 & 166) where Ed and Bert go on their days off. Ed and Lucy also talk about a Rothko painting – No 301 (Reds and Violet over Red/Red and Blue over Red) – they saw there while on a school excursion.

Ian-Potter-Centre-Australia-IMG7 (2)

A week before Bert dies, Ed and Bert go to the Rosalie Gascoigne exhibition, (mentioned on pgs 168-169) which Lucy also attends. This was a real exhibition shown in 2009 at the Ian Potter Centre in Fed Square (opposite Kirra Galleries). Ed mentions his favourite piece is But Mostly Air. Other pieces mentioned are Solitude, (Lucy’s favourite) Metropolis and Windows.

– Rachel

16. Rose Drive – GM


‘I pedal down Rose Drive… In the background the city rises, gray buildings pointing at the sky.’ – pg 250

Rose Drive is technically the very first location mentioned. BUT as it’s mentioned twice, and being that it’s a made up drive, we’ve actually tried to capture the view Lucy describes the second time it’s mentioned.

Now that I’ve got that largely unnecessary explanation out of the way, I shall commence with a short story behind the photos you are looking at right now.

Cath kindly told us where to find the view and when we arrived in the area, we were a little puzzled at first cos we couldn’t see the city in the distance from where we were in the car, and to be honest, I was picturing some big-arse hill that we were going to have to walk up in order to see it. So we parked and walked out to the road Cath directed us to. Annette picked which direction to go and off we went, singing and quoting our latest YouTube video obsession (The Walking Dead S4 Bad Lip Reading part 1). Thankfully, Annette was right – the city was indeed rising in the distance as we walked, but a photo was going to be annoying to get unless I took it standing in the middle of the road – similar to how I got a pic of the Coca Cola sign in Sydney. The memories, you guys. OH the memories. So I ran out, got my photo (above), danced a little cos why not, skipped back to the footpath, and then we kept walking a bit further on to get another photo (below) – which is where I got more of a Rose Drive vibe as it kind of veered off, was on a slope and seemed a little more quiet.

– Rachel


15. Corner Of Flinders And Swanston Streets – GM


‘We manage to get the van across to the traffic island…… “Can you tell Jake to come with petrol to the corner of Flinders Street and Swanson?”‘ – pgs 228 & 233

So this was kind of perfect because we spent a lot of time pre-trip debating where on earth a car could get parked at this intersection. In all my years of going into the CBD, I have never seen a car anywhere it wasn’t supposed to be at Flinders and Swanston because it’s such a major intersection. But on the day we went for our tour, there one was, just sitting on the median strip. It’s like the world was saying “Hey Annette and Rachel, I knew this was bugging the shit out of you so I thought I’d clear things up. Kthanksbye.”  And that’s all I have to say about that.

– Annette


14. Crown Casino – GM

cc 3 ‘The night’s thick and humming when we pull into the casino. It’s close to two, but there’s still a crowd of people going head-first into the glitter.’ – pg 208

So we didn’t get to Crown. We were planning to visit it at the end of our GM tour part 1, but cos we were walking everywhere, our legs were legitimately about to fall off by the end of the day and the thought of walking anywhere else made us want to cry. So I stole these pics off Google Images and voila, so begins this post about Crown Casino.

Here’s the thing: it’s definitely worth visiting cos Crown Casino has a lot going on: a casino, cinemas, shopping, eating places, etc. HOWEVER, the main draw for me is a restaurant called The Conservatory, which is located at the top of the stairs in the photo below. The food’s okay, I suppose – the thing I care about is the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN (one must always type CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN in capslock). I’ve been to the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN three times for family birthdays and good lord, I would happily marry this CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. You could basically chronicle my journey with the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN like this – Visit 1: I start out very tame with some ice-cream and CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN in a bowl. Visit 2: I progress to filling a bowl with CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN and slurping it through a straw. Visit 3: Again, I fill a bowl with CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN, but use a spoon this time. It is my dearest wish that someone in my family decides to have another birthday there soon so that I can reunite with the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN once again. *dreamy sigh*

But enough of that little tangent. This location marks a pivotal point in the book. But I can’t really tell you what that is without being spoilery so let’s just say I think it’s one of my favourite moments in Graffiti Moon

– Rachel

Crown Casino Foyer