Life In Outer Space Book Tour – Part 1

We have really outdone ourselves this time with our lack of timely posting!  We did the majority of our book tour about 6 months ago and so far we haven’t posted that much.  But aaaanyways, heres a snippet of what our day was like.


The #LoveOzYA tag

Sooooooooo Kirsti (Melbourne on my Mind) tagged us in her #LoveOzYA video (an original tag by her) back in January and it took us 8 months but WE FINALLY DID IT SO HERE IT IS WOO. We love recommending Aussie YA and I’m really proud of the amount of books we were able to cram in to this video. Well done us (and thanks so much to Kirsti for the tag, we had a lot of fun and loved your prompt for each question).

– Rachel

Every Breath Book Tour: Part 1

We’ve been tome travelling for a couple of years now so we thought it was time to take our relationship to the next level.  Now, you might be sitting there thinking ‘how could they possibly make this blog more entertaining than they already have?’ and that would be a valid question, but being the incredibly creative and talented individuals that we are we have discovered a whole new way to communicate… video.  We hope you enjoy the first instalment of our Every Breath Book Tour.

*Disclaimer: copious amounts of sarcasm have been detected in the preceding text.