Rachel’s Re-read Challenge Recap: April – September (Part 2 and 3/4)

Re-Read Challenge

Holy shit, there’s only four days left in 2015 so here is part 2 AND 3 of my recap.


April and May – Deltora Quest 1, 2 and 3 by Emily Rodda

When I First Read: 2001- 2004.
What I Remember: I have loved these books ever since I first read them. Definite childhood/early teen favourites. This was about the 4th/5th re-read so I know all three series pretty much inside and out. I’ve said it over and over again but damn, fantasy impresses the hell out me. I have all the creativity and imagination of a brick so to read about these books in which an author has created an entire separate world is mind blowing to me.
Why I Wanted To Re-read: I’m not sure, because I hadn’t intended to do a re-read, but I found out earlier this year that Emily Rodda was releasing a new series set in the Deltora world in July (which I have read already) (loved it) so before I knew it, I had dived in and re-read all 3 series over both April and May.
How I Felt After Re-reading: Every re-read is just a reaffirmation of my LUUUUUUUUUUURVE.
Would I Re-read Again: Yes. They will always be a fave. Always.


June – Island Of The Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell

When I First Read: Sometime in my late primary school or early high school years.
What I Remember: Not a lot. Just the general plot of the book (girl being left behind by her family and spending years living by herself on an island).
Why I Wanted To Re-read: I’d been meaning to for such a long time. I finally bought myself my own copy of it last year – chuck that together with this re-read challenge and I figured I no longer had an excuse.
How I Felt After Re-reading: It pains me to say it, but I didn’t enjoy it as much. I did still like it but it definitely didn’t leave the same impression on me as it did all those years ago when I first read it. So that’s a bit sad but I guess that’s what a re-read does sometimes, right?
Would I Re-read Again: Maybe? I’d definitely want to pass it on to my children in that alternate reality where I have children someday.


July – The Lumatere Chronicles + Ferragost by Melina Marchetta
Also re-read: The Gorgon In The Gully by Melina Marchetta

When I First Read: Oct 2010 (FotR), Jan 2012 (FotE) and Sept 2012 (QoC)
What I Remember: Finnikin was a challenge for me. I think it was because it was fantasy and I couldn’t accept that my fave author had written a fantasy book (not much of a fantasy reader) because I am a dumbarse. I attempted it twice before starting again (at Annette’s insistence) (otherwise she was going to dump me as a friend) (which was fair enough) and finally finishing it in October of 2010 and while I still struggled initially, I pushed through and fell in love, especially with that ending. So I was totally on board for the rest of the trilogy but Froi came out while I was overseas in 2011 and to be honest with you, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. Quintana is the first Marchetta I’ve been able to buy on its release day and I took a day off work for it. I remembered them all pretty well, but it’d been THREE years (I don’t know how/why I let that happen) and while I’ve got a pretty good memory for detail, (especially when it comes to my fave books) there were a few things that had me going ‘oh yeeeeah!’. Mostly, I think Froi is my favourite of the trilogy but when it comes down to it, out of Froi and Quintana, it’s kinda the same situation that I have when picking my favourite of her contemps (out of On The Jellicoe Road and The Piper’s Son) – I change my mind daily.
Why I Wanted To Re-read: I bitched and whinged all over Twitter about wanting to do a Lumatere re-read for basically all of 2014 and it didn’t end up happening. Then I meant to do it in Feb of this year and again, it didn’t happen. THEN I ended up taking a week off work around my birthday so it FINALLY happened (although let’s be real, I actually took a week off work FOR it).
How I Felt After Re-reading: Like my soul was destroyed. You know, standard Marchetta reaction. Seriously, I can not ever adequately express how much I love her books and this trilogy is fucking BRILLIANT and I… {words fail me}.


August – Six Impossible Things by Fiona Wood

When I First Read: March 2013.
What I Remember: I remembered majority of the story pretty well, but the finer details were starting to fade.
Why I Wanted To Re-read: Well, I had read Wildlife earlier in the year and with Cloudwish being released soon, I wanted to refresh myself on the characters a little. I also wanted to re-read it for bloggy reasons, which I can’t disclose at this time…
How I Felt After Re-reading: Happy. This book makes me happy. It’s such a sweet story about teen love and finding your place + Dan Cereill made me laugh.
Would I Re-read Again: Yessss. I’d actually like to do a re-read of all three of her books in order, one after the other.


September – The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

When I First Read: Sometime in 2012
What I Remember: I remembered liking it, and I remembered Joe Fontaine but to be honest, most details were starting to fade and it’s such a well loved book in the YA community that I knew I needed to re-read it.
Why I Wanted To Re-read: As above. And probably to see if I liked it even more a second time around. Spoiler: I did. Also, Joe Fontaine.
How I Felt After Re-reading: Man, this book is such a great exploration of grief. So well-written in this beautifully lyrical way that just makes you want to cry. So many quotable lines. Lennie is lost and screwing up and I loved her even more this time around. And good loooooord, Joe Fontaine. I forgot he has curly hair…
Would I Re-read Again: Yep. Joe Fontaine. ‘Bat. Bat. Bat.’