Rachel’s Re-read Challenge Recap: Jan – March (Part 1/4)

Re-Read Challenge

I’m so proud of myself for sticking to a book challenge pretty well this year. Except for Feb, I’ve re-read at least one book every month, and I’ve managed to include a trilogy and a 15 book series in that! I really do love re-reading and I’m grateful to this challenge for giving me an excuse to go nuts.

Anyway. Now that we’re well into October, I figured I should probably attempt a recap of sorts so here is part 1….


January – This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers

Also re-read: Every Breath by Ellie Marney

When I First Read: Feb 2013

What I Remember: I remember being really impressed with Courtney as a writer and completely uncomfortable with how her writing made me feel. I remember feeling confused over the ending.

Why I Wanted To Re-read: Okay this is going to be a bit of a confusing explanation because I don’t entirely know how to explain my reasoning to myself in my head, much less type it out. So here we go. The way Summers writes – so raw, painful and often rather brutal, I think I confused feeling not wholly comfortable with it (which isn’t a bad thing) with not liking it so I wanted to reread it to see what I thought after having this revelation. I also wanted to refresh myself on the story that came before Please Remain Calm.

How I Felt After Re-reading: Man, there’s something about Courtney’s writing style – it packs one hell of a punch and BAM, something happens that I’m not expecting but I I keep reading, struggling to process what just went down on the page in front of me/trying to understand why/how she could do that to an innocent reader and OW, my heart hurts. ALSO you know what else I love about TINAT? That line you hear in relation to The Fault In Our Stars all the time – about how it’s a book about cancer but it’s not really a book about cancer? Well, TINAT is a book about zombies, but it’s not really a book about zombies. And that factor? TINAT pulls it off a hell of lot better than TFIOS does (because really, all I think about when I think of TFIOS is cancer).

Would I Re-read Again: Yes. Yes I would. Just give me another few years maybe?


March – Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers

**I forgot to re-read a book in Feb, so I did two in March to make up for it.

When I First Read: Sometime in 2009, I think – it’s a toss up between CUTB and Some Girls Are as to which one was the first CS I read.

What I Remember: As with TINAT, I remember being really impressed with Courtney as a writer and completely uncomfortable with how her writing made me feel. I remember feeling confused over the ending because I wasn’t sure what actually happened to Jessie? (wow, this reading challenge has revealed that past Rachel was the biggest dipshit). I also remember being annoyed at Parker Fadley because I didn’t like her.

Why I Wanted To Re-read: Mainly for same reason as TINAT. I had also largely forgotten the story, especially the ending and I only had a vague sense of what it was about. I think a re-read might be needed with all of her books for me to fully decide how I feel, which is why I also want to re-read Some Girls Are (SGA has always been my fave CS) and Fall For Anything.

How I Felt After Re-reading: Again, same as TINAT. ALSO I’m kinda in love with Parker Fadley now.

Would I Re-read Again: Yes. Yes I would. But as is the case with TINAT, give me another few years.


March – Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar

When I First Read: June 2011. I bought and got it signed at Reading Matters in May 2011

What I Remember: I largely remembered majority of the story. But my feelings on it were conflicted because for some dumb reason, when I first read it, I think I was expecting a story different to what it turned out to be, so I decided I didn’t like it (I dunno, like I said – DUMB).

Why I Wanted To Re-read: I had been wanting to for a while, on and off, but I kept forgetting that I wanted to and then I ended up recommending it to an author on Twitter for a certain scene. Ended up re-reading it about a week later because I then got in my head that I HAD to re-read it NOOOOOW… so I did.

How I Felt After Re-reading: I liked it so much more this time around, probably because I apparently have a brain now and see it for the brilliance it is. The title of this book matches the writing so perfectly. The way Carly and Ryan’s relationship develops is my favourite thing ever – so awkward that it’s painful to read, but also so honest. No bullshit at all. I LOVE IT.

Would I Re-read Again: Yeah, of course. BECAUSE I #LOVEOZYA. Also because I really do love this book. READ IT IF YOU HAVEN’T kthanksbye.