1. Bowen Lakes Secondary – LiOS


‘I have never been a fan of Bowen Lakes Secondary. If my life were a screenplay, BLS is nothing more than the slug line above the first scene…’ – pg 5

Oh look, another photo of a street sign! Sorry, but we are trying to collect them all, like Pokemon. Sadly, Bowen Lakes Secondary doesn’t actually exist, but our reliable source (i.e. the one and only Melissa Keil) informed us that it was named after Bowen Crescent in Brunswick. I think it could easily be a street that a high school would be located on, busy-ish but not too busy-ish, if ya know what I’m sayin’, but really, there isn’t anything remarkable to tell about this location. The street sign pole is pretty short, if you find that kind of thing interesting? Also, I considered climbing it but I didn’t because pole climbing is haaaard, man.

– Annette


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