Our Top Twenty One Favourite “Quotes” From Every Breath…

Okay, so I lied – we don’t have twenty one favourite quotes. We really only have one. The other 20 below that are quotes (with page numbers) that relate to instances where James Mycroft’s hair and eyes are mentioned. Our top 10 for each, because CURLY HAIR AND BLUE EYES AW YISSS. Also because we’re weird* like that.

‘Live or die. Every breath is a choice.’ – pg 72: this quote is derived from Chuck Palahniuk’s Survivor and where Ellie got her title for this wonderful book from (we think).

HAIR                                                                                                                         EYES

pg 1 – ‘… his crazy curls are the same as now…’

pg 7 – ‘… his blue eyes are luminous from the sunlight reflecting off…’

pg 3 – ‘… his dark hair anarchy as usual.’

pg 39 –‘Mycroft has his raw blue eyes fixed on mine.’  

pg 9 – ‘His curls are a dark jungle…’

pg 92 – ‘…his eyes are electric, intense.’

pg 16 – ‘… his hair looks particularly frightful.’

pg 106 – ‘Mycroft’s eyes are sparking, blue as the after-image of an X-ray flash.’

pg 110 – ‘… his dark hair corkscrewing every which way.’

pg 108 – ‘His eyes are electric blue maelstroms.’

pg 142 – ‘Even his hair looks slumped.’

pg 160 – ‘His eyes are the blue of a lightning storm.’

pg 206 – ‘He smiles, curls flopping over his forehead.’

pg 180 – ‘… his blue eyes swirling with dark matter.’

pg 238 – ‘A mop of dark-brown curls bobs over the top of a nearby easel.’

pg 200 – ‘… blue eyes intent and over-bright.’

pg 270 – ‘Back-breeze from the traffic blows curls into his face…’

pg 208 – ‘… his eyes have darkened to an intense blue.’

pg 324 – ‘… I put one hand on the arm of his hair and one hand where it’s always wanted to go – laced through his hair, his amazingly dark and curly hair. His soft locks twine through my fingers and I pull his face towards mine.’

pg 219 – ‘His eyes are a rich ultramarine, like the sea on a Hawaiian beach, the long dark lashes a vivid contrast.’

*fucking awesome


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