15. Baker Street – EB


‘”Is there a Baker Street address in Melbourne?”… “In Richmond. Off Victoria Street-“‘ – pg 332

Just so we don’t have any confusion – and maybe possibly  definitely because I did not understand this reference for a long time – Baker Street is where the infamous-yet-fictional Sherlock Holmes lives, Every Breath is a Sherlock Holmes-esque novel thus Baker Street is significant.  Capiche?

This is the last location mentioned in the book and also the last one we visited, so that’s nicely symbolic.  It’s a pretty quiet street that runs off a not-so-quiet street in Richmond and a bit of a pain in the arse to get to really (I’m from the outer suburbs bruh, anywhere that has ‘no right turn’ signs and paid street parking is a pain to me).  But it’s good that it was a quiet street because Rachel took her customary standing-in-the-middle-of-the-road photo (which turned out really well, I think) and didn’t have to worry about getting run over in the process.  WINNING.

I’m not quite sure why I liked this location so much, it was a pretty unremarkable street really.  Perhaps I could just imagine Rachel and Mycroft living here.  In any case, it was a bittersweet moment because it meant that the location visiting for our Every Breath book tour was over.  On the plus side, we can now fly to London for an Every Word book tour so WATCH THIS SPACE (but do keep in mind that it’s going to take about 10 years for us to save enough money for it).

– Annette


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