12. The Little Greek Social Club – EB


‘We pile off into the whizzing shambles that is the corner of Sydney and Brunswick Roads…. He leads me back up the street to a little Greek social club…’ – pg 269

Alright, pull up a chair, y’all. I’m about to tell you a most fantastical story about bees and angry people and yelling. I don’t want to talk it up too much, but it’s probably going to change your life.*

Sooooooo, we (mainly me) were pretty hungry by the time we got to this location, despite starting our day off right with that packet of pineapple m&m’s. With no specific place to visit, we decided to go for a bit of a wander and see if there was maybe a certain place giving off an Every Breath vibe (whatever that is). We walked into one (I think it was Greek?) that Annette knew of from the time she worked in the same area and proceeded to stand there awkwardly for a bit because it was crazy-busy and the line (if there was one) made no sense and we had no idea where to go to order… so we actually decided to leave in the end rather than endure the pain of trying to figure it out. We did stay longer than we needed to before ditching though, because we were watching the amusing antics of a serving girl who was making her way back and forth through the crowd by yelling ‘SCUSE ‘SCUSE ’SCUSE to clear a path. It was MAGNIFICENT and as far as making people get the fuck out of your way goes, it was pretty effective and a method I’m waiting for the right moment to try myself.


We kept on trucking and eventually found ourselves in a good ‘ole fashioned kebab shop, with a good ‘ole fashioned straightforward serving line. Unfortunately though, one of the dudes manning the kebab production line was having a good ‘ole fashioned yelling match with everyone else in the KP line. He was also holding one big-arse knife so we were a little intimidated and scared he was going to stab someone before we got our kebabs, which would’ve been horrible because we (mainly me) WERE. SO. HUNGRY. Thankfully, that didn’t eventuate and we trundled back closer to where we had parked the car (pictured above) as it had a nice atmosphere – families sitting around laughing with Over The Rainbow drifting out from a shop nearby – and sat on a bench to chow down on our kebabs. WHICH IS WHEN THE SWARM** OF BEES POUNCED ON US (something you’ll get to see in an upcoming video, you lucky things). Probably because I laughed at Annette when they attacked her earlier in the day, they targeted me this time and I did a fairly impressive job, if I do say so myself, of folding my head into my boobs and squealing in panic. Predictably, Annette started laughing at me, but then they turned on her as well so we had to haul arse awaaaaaaaay from there.

*It is in no way going to change your life. I commend you for reading this line right now, for sticking with me through all that garbage nonsense speak.

**It was, like, two.

– Rachel




3 thoughts on “12. The Little Greek Social Club – EB

    • thetometravellers says:

      How cool is it when you recognise the places an author is writing about?! Every Breath was so exciting for me in this way, and now that I’ve actually visited most of them myself, it’s even better! Thanks for stopping by 😊
      – Rachel

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