11. Fawkner Police Station – EB


‘The afternoon is still glorious with sun, too glorious for me to be standing in the car park of the Fawkner police station…’ – pg 133

So this one time I had a job for 10 weeks (which is not even the shortest time that I’ve ever had a job) (which was 1 day) (and no, I’ve never been fired) and part of my job was to go to the Fawkner Police Station once a week to change over a sign in/out sheet and check on a car.  It’s a long story.  Aaaanyway, I didn’t have this job when I read Every Breath for the first time, but I had worked there when I read it for the second time and I was like ‘well heeeeeey girl I know this place!’ so that was kind of cool and gave it a bit of context.

I don’t know what the law is about taking photos of police stations, but I feel like probably you shouldn’t spend 5 minutes standing in the middle of the road trying to get the perfect shot.  Which is what Rachel did.  Whilst I stood there freaking the frack out, thinking we were going to get arrested.  But, look how good the picture turned out!  Well done Rachel.  Well done.

– Annette


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