10. The Cafe At The Zoo – EB


‘Why don’t you come into the zoo and go to the cafe?… I stagger to the cafe, where I’m disappointed to find that all my loose change won’t buy me a bucket of hot chips…’ – pgs 124 – 126

There’s quite a few cafes at the zoo, all in the same area. We chose this one because it was the busiest, and had the widest range of food – more specifically hot chips. This moment in the book becomes pretty significant later on in the book for a reason you will only know if you’ve read the book (do you like that non-spoilery explanation? Annette came up with it. Pretty good, huh?)

As you can see, we, unlike Rachel, had enough money to buy ourselves some hot chips. Unfortunately, both the chips and hot dog tasted kinda shite. Sad potato. We also each had a Curly Wurly to eat, but they seemed to have some weird pattern on them so Annette became suspicious of it and wasn’t sure if she should eat it…. while I ignored it completely and ate mine in about 10 seconds flat.

– Rachel



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