9. The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Royal Park Campus – EB


‘The RP… Royal Melbourne Hospital, Royal Park Campus. That’s it. That’s where Dave meant. I’d thought he meant Royal Park station, that he would take refuge under the eaves there if things got nasty for him. But he wasn’t talking about the train station. He was talking about the hospital.’ – pg 120

I asked Rachel what to write about this location and she suggested I tell you that it’s Royal, it’s Melbourne-y and it’s a hospital.  While that’s probably the dumbest description in the history of the universe, it is also true.  The Royal Park campus is a short walk from the back entrance of the zoo.  It’s a lot quieter than the city campus; it actually seemed kind of deserted, perhaps due to the location of it.  So this is where Homeless Dave sometimes sought refuge, where Rachel meets Alicia and later Gray, a long time worker in the hospital who ends up providing Rachel & Mycroft with some valuable information in their case.  Anyway.  We didn’t go in because that would have been odd and somewhat disrespectful.  Instead, we got into a discussion about what kind of animal bite you could sustain at the zoo that might land you in hospital.  If you’d like to weigh in on that discussion, please comment below.

– Annette


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