8. St Kilda Road Police Station/Kavanagh Street – EB


‘St Kilda Road Police Headquarters rises up in front, a seventeen-storey edifice of beige concrete and dull glass… We want to see the body… The room is white, full of lab tables. It’s in another building, in Kavanagh Street…’ – pgs 83, 90 & 92

Right so the photo above is like a drive by photo, except that I got out of the car to take it while Annette kept driving. No, she didn’t boot me out of her moving vehicle – she stopped briefly, I jumped out and it was all boringly normal like that. She then did laps of the block because we couldn’t find a park – surprise, surprise (heeeeey St Kilda, ya dick). And it wasn’t just one lap she had to do either. It was about 4 or 5 because the building is so damn big that I was running all over the place trying to fit it in my puny little camera frame. Even yelling ‘WORK WITH ME GIRL’ at the building didn’t work so I had to settle for a side on photo in the end, as you can see. For the photo below, there was no laps or running involved, because I didn’t take it. In fact, t’was right now, Friday 28/8/15 at 10:05pm, that I discovered this building actually exists. THAT is because Annette and I were sloppy with our research** of this location (I think it was the prospect of forcing you, dear reader, to look at another shitty photo of a street sign that compelled me to google again) and we thought it was imagined when it clearly is not. So instead of said shitty photo, I present to you the Totally Real And Not At All Made Up building that Rachel and Mycroft view Homeless Dave’s body in, courtesy of google images. Yeah woo.

Also, in case you were wondering, taking photos of a prominent Victorian police station is awkward as fuck. 0/10, do not recommend.

**Kavanagh street is split in two and we picked the wrong one. Oops.

– Rachel



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