7. Tognetti’s Mini-Mart – EB


‘It’s half an hour after my Saturday eight-till-twelve shift at Tognetti’s mini-mart…’ – pg 79

Oh look, ^^ Rachel’s tweeting.  How UNUSUAL (I mock but we all know she keeps the momentum of our internet life going).  So it turns out I have actually been to this supermarket before, which is super cool because it’s nowhere near where I live.  So all I could think was ‘out of all the supermarkets in all the world, she walked into this one’.

Piedimonte’s is weird and quirky and I can picture Rachel working here. It’s kind of country-esque because it just doesn’t have that ‘bright white lights, it’s always day-time, looks the same as every other big chain supermarket’ look about it.  And it has a second level… dafuq?

It was the first stop for this trip, which was good because we could load up on snacks.  We bought pineapple m&m’s and mmm mmm mmm they were DELICIOUS.  Oh AND we took the photo that is our current twitter profile pic.  A pretty successful location, I would say.  But fuck doing your grocery shopping there because they sold some weird ass brands.

– Annette



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