Sydney Writers’ Festival and YA Matters 2015


Rachel: “Melina Marchetta and Gayle Forman are going to be at an event in Sydney…”

Annette: “We could fly to Sydney”

We then proceeded to fly to Sydney for Just One Day (see what I did there?) and got to see these two amazing authors speak and THEN Gayle Forman gave us her contact details and when she came to Melbourne, we hung out with her for a day. Seriously… that happened.


Rachel: “Melina Marchetta is going to be at the Sydney Writers’ Festival this year…”

Annette: “We could fly to Sydney”

We then proceeded to fly to Sydney for a weekend and we stayed in my Uncle’s cute apartment in Darlinghurst and attended several amazing sessions at the festival including:

John Marsden: South Of Darkness, The Rise and Rise of YA: A Look at the Fastest-Growing Category in Fiction, Emily St John Mandel: On Pandemics, Grounded: Place in Writing, Keeping it Real: Realistic Issues in Teen Fiction annnnnnd TeenCon 2015!

Our favourite of these was probably John Marsden, he was fascinating to listen to and has such important and relevant views on education for young people and young people in general. Highlight was each getting our remaining two unsigned books of Melina Marchetta’s signed (of her YA books, that is) (only The Gorgon In The Gully to go now muahahaha).

The week after that was Reading Matters and we couldn’t afford to attend the whole program (because we spent all our money flying to Sydney) but luckily for us, there was a public day running this year. We went to all four sessions and it was so much fun! We met some YA authors (Will Kostakis, Sara Farizan, Laurie Halse Anderson, Clare Atkins) and we got our books signed. We also got to chat with Ellie Marney and Vikki Wakefield (briefly) AND we met a Twitter friend IRL too, Sara.

So I filmed some of each of these events (mostly SWF, but some YA matters photos thrown in for good measure). Check it out!


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