6. The Weeping Willow – EB


‘We’re out of range of the streetlamps now, but I strain my eyes and see the two-wheeled trolley under the arms of a big weeping willow. Overhanging branches make a little cave, a hollow out of sight of the world, exactly how Dave would like it.’ – pg 30

We pulled out all of our V.Mars investigative skills to find this location (just like when we found Katia Alibrandi’s house) (still so goddamn proud of ourselves for that) (we can’t be sure it’s the correct Weeping Willow but we’re running with it).

So. Some pretty serious shit goes down at this here location SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: Watts and Mycroft find the body of their homeless friend, Dave. So it was fairly appropriate for us, upon finding the right spot and being that excited about it, to bust out in a victory dance and chant, yes? No? Oh well too late, it’s happened, it’s in a video that will be posted on this blog sometime soon. NO RAGRETS BABY.

Anyway. Ellie has picked a great place for the scene of a SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER grisly death. It is literally on the other side of the fence lining Royal Park train station but, as the book describes, still manages to look and feel isolated and peaceful. Quite a nice place for a picnic really.

A picnic with a side of SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER death!

– Rachel



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