4. The Back Entrance Of The Royal Melbourne Zoo – EB


 ‘The back entrance of the zoo looks deserted and dangerous.’ – pg 29

Okay so the back entrance of the zoo looks neither deserted nor dangerous in this photo. That’s because it was taken in the middle of the day on a Saturday, right before we were about to go in. I’m sorry about the people in it (I don’t like randoms messin’ up my photos, even if it’s good for personalising/characterising? a photo? I dunno, whatever) but I’d already made Annette pose for it for about 10 minutes, making her move from one spot to another and then I moved from one spot to another and she ended up yelling at me to hurry up and take the damn photo (or something to that effect, probably with a few swear words thrown in). And look, the really annoying thing about my photos is that even though I take my time and try to get a good angle blah blah etc, they still turn out ever so shit. Sad panda. Anyway. This area is visited by our dynamic duo at night time so you’re going to have to try to imagine it in the context it’s described, okay? Imagine you are Watts. Imagine walking around in the dark with Mycroft, in search of Homeless Dave.

Annnnnd once you’re done with that, I recommend imagining you are snogging James Mycroft. Does wonders for a bad mood.

– Rachel


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