3. Parkville Tram Stop – EB


‘We thank Nick and jump off at the south end of Sydney Road, cross into Parkville at the lights, and cut past the tennis courts on the Avenue to the bike path beside the golf course.’ – pg 28

Given that Rachel and I are not big on the whole ‘exercise’ thing, we seem to find ourselves walking a lot.  And our lack of experience with walking is reflected in our poor choice of footwear.  Rachel was in boots and socks even though it was a warm day and I was in my converse shoes that rub on my toes (because you can’t wear socks with them) and give me blisters (but they look cool, OK?!).  The walk was about an hour all up, and one of our first stops for the day, so we felt pretty darn silly, didn’t we? Luckily for me, I had thongs in my car so I could change.  Rachel didn’t so she had to suffer in her jocks (or boots).  This walk gave us significant amount of time to discuss the appropriateness of Robert Sheehan playing Mycroft if ever a movie is made, and how Daryl and Rick from The Walking Dead should be in a romantic relationship because reasons.  I can’t help but think it would not have been an overly pleasant walk for Rachel and Mycroft because it would have been cold and creepy at night.  But they are badass, so I’m sure they could handle themselves.

I didn’t really explain the photos, did I?  Top photo is the tram stop they would have gotten off at, bottom two photos are the tennis courts and the golf course they would have walked past.  Thrilling, I know.

– Annette



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