2. Sydney Road Brunswick/Coburg – EB












‘Peeling billboards flash past, hoardings for Al Nada Sweets and the Halal Meat Shop… There’s Harley City Motorbikes, car yards with all the coloured flags reduced to dust tones, bridal shops, clearance sales.  Even ALDI has a glow-in-the-dark seedy radiance…’ – pg 27

We enjoyed a leisurely stroll down Sydney Road to get these pics. Actually, that’s a lie. Sydney Road is super long and stretches over a few suburbs and we’re lazy so we drove and parked, parked and drove. Oh no hang on, I lie again – two of these photos were taken from out of the car window, Sydney Cocoa Cola Sign style YO. We did, however, use our legs to walk to Aldi to get the absolutely amazing photo you can see above (bottom right). It was about as exciting at you’d expect. And THEN in the Harley City pic above, (top right) that person standing between those two red cars? It’s ME. You can’t really tell but I’m holding my copy of Every Breath above my head with both hands and it kind of looks like I’m about to start doing some squats, which I’m not gonna lie, I totally was but I was worried about Annette cos she got *stalked by a bee right before we took the photo so I thought ‘hmm better bail on the squats and get back over the road.’ It was also somewhere along this impossibly long road that we stopped to get lunch, which I could tell you about, I suppose… but alas earwax, that story is for another time, with another photo…

– Rachel

*something to look for in an upcoming video.


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