1. Summoner Street – EB


‘I put it out of my mind as I walk up Summoner Street, past the scrawl of tar lines under the flickering streetlamp, past the first house – then I’m at Mycroft’s horrible two-bedroom weatherboard that looks as if it should be condemned.’ – pg 15

Ellie was kind enough (seriously, authors are the best people) to tell us about the inspiration behind some of her locations.  The street that Rachel and Mycroft live on, Summoner Street, is envisaged in the residential streets of Coburg, but Rachel’s house is actually on Hutton Street in Thornbury.  Based on Ellie’s description, we’re pretty sure the little blue house pictured above is the origin of Casa de Watts.  Mycroft’s house is less defined and is an amalgamation of houses in Fawkner (though Ellie did share with us that the layout of Mycroft’s house bares a striking resemblance to her first Melbourne share house).  However, we did find a house on Hutton Street that we thought was very Mycroft-esque, which you can see below.

We also stumbled upon a ‘spiritual market’ being held at the primary school on Hutton Street, which was pretty cool.  But neither of us had money and we both had to pee, so our bladders are responsible for the extra money in our bank accounts.

– Annette



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