Bookish Events: Every Move Book Launch

Every Move by Ellie Marney – Book Launch

Launched By: Adele Walsh

Location: Readings, Carlton

Date: March 16th, 2015


What do you get if you put the nicest author ever in a bookstore with a bunch of nerds, cheese and then follow it up with a Brunetti’s dessert?  The best Monday ever, is what you get.  Highlights: Meeting Ellie Marney.  Hugging Ellie Marney.  Getting books signed by Ellie Marney.  Ellie Marney.  This was the second time I have attended a book launch (first was for my dear friend Emma Hoare, author of ‘In Slumber Creeping’) and I can safely say that I love geeking out.  If you’re a book nerd, make sure you get yourself to a book launch or some other kind of book event in the near future.  The video below gives you a little taster of what it’s like.  Go forth and be with your people.


I am super proud of myself for being the Queen of scoping out bookish events for us to attend this year. This was one I was particularly excited for, mainly because Ellie kept tweeting about all the cheese she was going to buy for it. CHEESE, FUCK YEAH. No but really, the Every series is a truly amazing Aussie YA crime trilogy, fraught with delicious sexual tension and inventive descriptions of the colour blue of James Mycroft’s eyes and his glorious GLORIOUS curls. So we were really lucky to be able to attend this book’s launch. And getting to meet Ellie Marney (and hug her even though I hate hugs) was definitely the best thing about it. I don’t know why it’s taken us so long to try to include ourselves, but I’m glad we’re finally getting out and about a bit more.


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