The Art In Graffiti Moon

Art is a very major part of Graffiti Moon. While Annette & I only visited Kirra Galleries in our travels, Cath drew inspiration from exhibitions in the Anna Schwartz Gallery, Tolarno Galleries and Craft Victoria (all located in the CBD). Some of the places and pieces that get a direct mention are:


This is a glass sculpture done by Lucy’s favourite glass artist, Dale Chihuly, (mentioned on pg 170) originally called Ice Blue and Spring Green Chandelier, but now known as the V&A Rotunda Chandelier. It hangs under the glass rotunda at the entrance to the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington, London.


The National Gallery in Victoria, (mentioned on pgs 38, 113 & 166) where Ed and Bert go on their days off. Ed and Lucy also talk about a Rothko painting – No 301 (Reds and Violet over Red/Red and Blue over Red) – they saw there while on a school excursion.

Ian-Potter-Centre-Australia-IMG7 (2)

A week before Bert dies, Ed and Bert go to the Rosalie Gascoigne exhibition, (mentioned on pgs 168-169) which Lucy also attends. This was a real exhibition shown in 2009 at the Ian Potter Centre in Fed Square (opposite Kirra Galleries). Ed mentions his favourite piece is But Mostly Air. Other pieces mentioned are Solitude, (Lucy’s favourite) Metropolis and Windows.

– Rachel


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