16. Rose Drive – GM


‘I pedal down Rose Drive… In the background the city rises, gray buildings pointing at the sky.’ – pg 250

Rose Drive is technically the very first location mentioned. BUT as it’s mentioned twice, and being that it’s a made up drive, we’ve actually tried to capture the view Lucy describes the second time it’s mentioned.

Now that I’ve got that largely unnecessary explanation out of the way, I shall commence with a short story behind the photos you are looking at right now.

Cath kindly told us where to find the view and when we arrived in the area, we were a little puzzled at first cos we couldn’t see the city in the distance from where we were in the car, and to be honest, I was picturing some big-arse hill that we were going to have to walk up in order to see it. So we parked and walked out to the road Cath directed us to. Annette picked which direction to go and off we went, singing and quoting our latest YouTube video obsession (The Walking Dead S4 Bad Lip Reading part 1). Thankfully, Annette was right – the city was indeed rising in the distance as we walked, but a photo was going to be annoying to get unless I took it standing in the middle of the road – similar to how I got a pic of the Coca Cola sign in Sydney. The memories, you guys. OH the memories. So I ran out, got my photo (above), danced a little cos why not, skipped back to the footpath, and then we kept walking a bit further on to get another photo (below) – which is where I got more of a Rose Drive vibe as it kind of veered off, was on a slope and seemed a little more quiet.

– Rachel



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