14. Crown Casino – GM

cc 3 ‘The night’s thick and humming when we pull into the casino. It’s close to two, but there’s still a crowd of people going head-first into the glitter.’ – pg 208

So we didn’t get to Crown. We were planning to visit it at the end of our GM tour part 1, but cos we were walking everywhere, our legs were legitimately about to fall off by the end of the day and the thought of walking anywhere else made us want to cry. So I stole these pics off Google Images and voila, so begins this post about Crown Casino.

Here’s the thing: it’s definitely worth visiting cos Crown Casino has a lot going on: a casino, cinemas, shopping, eating places, etc. HOWEVER, the main draw for me is a restaurant called The Conservatory, which is located at the top of the stairs in the photo below. The food’s okay, I suppose – the thing I care about is the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN (one must always type CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN in capslock). I’ve been to the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN three times for family birthdays and good lord, I would happily marry this CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. You could basically chronicle my journey with the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN like this – Visit 1: I start out very tame with some ice-cream and CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN in a bowl. Visit 2: I progress to filling a bowl with CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN and slurping it through a straw. Visit 3: Again, I fill a bowl with CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN, but use a spoon this time. It is my dearest wish that someone in my family decides to have another birthday there soon so that I can reunite with the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN once again. *dreamy sigh*

But enough of that little tangent. This location marks a pivotal point in the book. But I can’t really tell you what that is without being spoilery so let’s just say I think it’s one of my favourite moments in Graffiti Moon

– Rachel

Crown Casino Foyer


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