Melbourne Graffiti: Rutledge Lane


As well as answering about a bajillion location questions that we had, Cath also kindly provided us with some great street art locations that she visited for Graffiti Moon inspiration. These photos were taken on our GM book tour part 1, also known as The Great Melbourne Graffiti Hunt of 2014.

Rutledge Lane is like the forgotten second child, overshadowed by it’s ostentatious sibling. Perpendicular to Hosier Lane, it has just as much street art for your eyes to devour and we were lucky enough to see an artist live in action (pictured below). These lanes are connected and while it gets just as much spray time, I think people just assume they are one and the same. I love the photo above of the heart and the tree, I think it’s very Shadow-esque. I’m not really a city girl, but I love this aspect of Melbourne and Rutledge Lane is a great place to see some awesome street art in an easily accessible location.

– Annette



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