12. Quarries Park Skate Park – GM


‘So we move.  Toward the part of the park where the lights don’t reach.  To where I go when Leo’s not with me. Over the fence that marks the end of the skate park.’ – pg 185

It’s not often that a location looks exactly like it does in my head.  And this is not one of those times.  Aside from not having a fence, it was just much smaller than I thought it would be and a lot more…centralised?  It was close to a children’s playground and near a path, which makes total sense logistically, but I imagined it to be a bit more secluded.  There were some kids doing tricks and things (and by ‘tricks’ I mean mostly just rolling around on skateboards) and I was very impressed.  But anyhoo…if you are ever in the area you should totally go here (especially if you have children) because the playground, aptly called Adventure Playground, is awesomesauce.

– Annette


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