Melbourne Graffiti: Hosier Lane


As well as answering about a bajillion location questions that we had, Cath also kindly provided us with some great street art locations that she visited for Graffiti Moon inspiration. These photos were taken on our GM book tour part 1, also known as The Great Melbourne Graffiti Hunt of 2014.

Hosier Lane is the go-to place in Melbourne for street art. It’s absolutely covered in so many amazing, different & interesting pieces. You could spend hours there, walking up and down, looking at it all. Annette and I certainly spent a fair while there. A couple even decided to have their wedding photos taken there!

This one above was our favourite. We were impressed that someone managed to do such a big, well detailed piece up so high and I dunno, we just really liked it. The one below we decided to include in this post because we think the script is definitely something that belongs on a wall in Hosier Lane

– Rachel



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