11. The Merri Creek Trail – GM


‘…We go further into the park, on paths I’d rather not go with her. Twisted ones that lead to the centre and make me think of paths curving into the sky and stopping.’ – pg 145

Cath based Ed and Lucy’s night time adventure in the park on the Merri Creek Trail. Which is a long-arse trail. It more or less runs alongside the Merri Creek, which plods along all throughout the northern suburbs of Melbourne. We were specifically searching for the skate park so we ended up at Quarries park in the Clifton Hill area. After finding the skate park, we went walking around, hoping to find an area of the park with a path that looked like you could possibly drive a bike off it and still be relatively ok. Didn’t exactly find one, but I feel the photo below adequately describes the quote we’ve chosen (don’t you just love Graffiti Moon’s lyrical writing style?). We also found this Merri Creek Trail sign. So naturally, I took a photo, forced Annette to be in it too and what you see above is what she gave me to work with. Dude, what are you even doing?

– Rachel



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