8. Montague Street – GM


‘”Right,” Leo says. “At one I pick up a van from Montague Street…”‘ – pg 90

Gotta be honest, I’m running out of creativity when it comes to telling you all, fine readers, about specific streets we have visited.  Many locations on our book tours inevitably come with interesting stories because they are set in parks or cafe’s or whatever, but often we will travel somewhere purely because that street is mentioned in the book.  If it happens to be a real place, we go there and take a photo of the sign and the street because, really, what other option do we have to capture the location?  So that’s the easy part, the difficult part comes when we have to blog about it and are left with nothing to say so we either; a) say nothing or b) ramble on like I am currently doing.  I am half tempted to do a nudie run or set someone’s mailbox on fire next time we have one of these, just so I have something to write about.

– Annette



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