7. Bert’s Paint Shop – GM


‘I trawled paint stores for blue during the day and painted skies at night. Found a blue close to what I wanted in Bert’s shop, only it was in a tin, so I had to keep going back for more.’ – pg 80

Bert’s paint shop ended up being the last location we visited on our Graffiti Moon tour, part 2. We were planning to go into South Melbourne after it for ice cream (something Lucy and her Dad do together at one point) but we stupidly ate a gigantic parma pizza beforehand and were still waaaaay too full (I totally carried the team with that pizza, by the way. Put food in front of me and I’ll keep eating, even when my stomach is screaming at me to stop. Not a good compulsion to possess). You can’t really tell by looking at the photo but sadly, the paint shop has now relocated. At first, however, we thought it had closed down completely. I was pretty disappointed. It was even more devastating than when we were in Sydney and the Mobil petrol station had changed to a 7/11 cos I can’t get no slurpee from an empty shop, know what I’m saying? Seriously though, I was looking forward to going in and finding a shade of blue that would rip my heart out (I have absolutely no idea what shade that would be but I was going to try, damn it). But what are you gonna do? So I skipped across the road to get a photo and we looked in some shop that was full of stuff that you can find in other shops for ten times cheaper in price. When we were walking back over the road to the car, we saw a sign on the side of the building (and another one that we previously walked straight past) that said it had moved to none other than Smith Street, which was only a short distance away so back in the car we jumped and headed on over. THEN, in typical Annette & Rachel fashion, we accidentally drove right past it. But it was ok cos while I was hanging out the window to suss out parking options, I saw that it was shut by that time anyway. So it was a drive-by, Miami style… With no photo… And not in Miami.

– Rachel


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