6. Hoover Street Station – GM


‘I did pieces for her instead. Beth walls. All around the city… There’s one near the Hoover Street station.’ – pg 58

There are a number of different train stations mentioned throughout Graffiti Moon, mainly in relation to Shadow’s art.  Hoover Street Station is not a real station in Melbourne and, like many of the locations in the book, is an amalgamation of several different locations.  In this case it’s a mix off Yarraville (pictured), Footscray and Westgarth stations – although we didn’t visit all of these.  Yarraville station is actually on Anderson Street, right near The Mad Moose (of the incredible pizza) and it was quite a cute station, as far as train stations go.  We’re from the Eastern suburbs so a picket fence is a nice change from wire fencing and drunks with goon bags.

… But in all seriousness, East side is da best.

– Annette



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