5. The Secondhand Store on Delaney Street – GM

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ‘Jazz’s long dark hair has little plaits and flowers here and there and she’s wearing a pink dress and killer boots that she bought at a secondhand store on Delaney Street.’ – pg 30

Guys, allow us to introduce you to Savers in Footscray, also known as the secondhand store on Delaney street. ‘Tis a magical place, mostly full of beautiful clothing, but you can also buy furniture, shoes, books and other miscellaneous items. I’m not much of a secondhand shopper, mostly cos I’m too lazy to have the dedication it takes to really go hunting for the good stuff that always seems to be hidden away. It is my dream to find some nicely broken in jeans some day tho. You see, the reason I don’t wear jeans often is cos I don’t find them comfy unless they’re broken in. And I don’t have the patience to be uncomfortable long enough to break them in, so it’s something I need someone to do for me. Then I could wear jeans more. Does everybody understand? Anyway. We stayed for quite a while, mostly attempting to outdo each other with finding the most hideous piece of clothing or item in the store. I have a lovely collection of photos with us each striking some wonderful poses. Model portfolio worthy, if you ask me.

Savers is definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in the area and are into secondhand stores. There’s something for everyone. And some great clothing choices if you are ever in need for a ‘bad taste’ dress-up party.

This is us, rocking a bit of a Men In Black serious face pose (though I don’t know how cos we both could not stop laughing) feat. some fugly suit jackets. Annette’s had shoulder pads, but I think I win cos WHAT is that pattern?



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