3. Feast Cafe – GM

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ‘We’re meeting at Feast Cafe around nine-thirty…. Feast, the all-night cafe where the sheddies hang out.’ pgs 21 & 28

Cath told us Feast cafe (Barry’s in the Aussie edition) is imagined, but is kind of like Hell’s Kitchen (below). She also directed us to Chuckle Park (above) so naturally, we visited both.

Hell’s Kitchen was first up. We stood outside it for a few minutes trying to figure out how to actually get in, which, in hindsight, probably should’ve given us an idea of how the whole experience was going to go. Turns out, it’s on the second level so you have to go up a flight of stairs to get to it, but they’re the kind of stairs that look like you shouldn’t be going up them, so we were umming and aahing for a bit. Anyway, after we tackled that minor hiccup, we found ourselves in a mostly deserted, dimly lit room that felt more like a restaurant/bar than a cafe. But whatever, we were hungry. Picked the table that you can see in the window in the picture and sat down. Looked at the menu, which ended up not really have anything on it that we were interested in eating. Couldn’t figure out where to go to order what we unwillingly chose anyway… sooooo… we bailed. Just got up and left. I don’t think anyone saw so thankfully our embarrassingly hasty retreat was mostly flawless in it’s execution, apart from when I nearly knocked over the massive specials menu board. And laughed all the way down the stairs because of it.

Feeling less optimistic and even more hungry, we decided to give Chuckle Park a go and if the menu was shithouse, we’d just go wherever. Luckily, Chuckle Park is the bomb. It literally looks like someone made an alley way into this cute little cafe/bar. It’s got fake grass on the ground, fairy lights above your heads and high tables with stools to sit on. You order from a van set up in the back, which may sound dodgy but good lord, the food was yum. Annette and I both ordered an elote and a hot choccy. Elote is essentially grilled, seasoned corn on the cob. I’m assuming seasoning varies depending on where you buy it from but in this case, it was a special sauce, coriander and parmesan cheese. And it was DELICIOUS. Our hot chocolates came in massive mugs with marshmallows and heaps of foam. Heaven. Annette’s already been back twice and I intend to get myself back there on the asap.


Overall, we felt Chuckle Park had more of a Graffiti Moon feel to it, but I’d say it’s worth checking out both – BUT CHUCKLE PARK FIRST, OK? – if you’re looking for a place to eat in Melbourne’s CBD.

– Rachel



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