2. The Train Yard – GM


‘I live on the other side of the train yard, so we jump the fence and cut through, looking out for people as we walk.’ – pg 5

As you can see from the picture above, we did not go to a train yard… this is because Cath told us that the train yard is not one specific location. She explained that along the Werribee train line, somewhere between Altona and Yarraville, there is the back of an oil refinery (pictured) with some old trains and this is where she imagined it. This photo was taken from Stoney Creek Walkway in Yarraville (under the Westgate bridge). We went on a walk around the area in attempt to find said train yard. Obviously, we didn’t find one or see any old trains – maybe we weren’t looking in the right place, or maybe it’s just not there anymore. Nevertheless, we felt the location had a Graffiti Moon vibe about it. What we did see was lots of rabbits so we had a long discussion about a) how cute they were (Rachel may have run after a few) and b) how helpful the abundance of them would be in a zombie apocalypse (season 5 of TWD has just started and we’re a bit obsessed. We spent most of the walk singing Carl Poppa – post to come). Aaaanyway, this is basically a post about a train yard with no actual photo of a train yard. Sorry.

– Annette


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