Top Ten Tuesday – 23. Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish (click on the picture to visit their blog). A new Top Ten list is posted every week for fellow bloggers to participate in.



1. Hogwarts: because Hogwarts….

2. The Magic Faraway Tree: When I was little I DESPERATELY wanted to go there. I wanted to eat cakes with Moonface and climb into unknown worlds, it just seemed so magical and fun.

3. Amsterdam: When I was growing up, mostly all I knew about Amsterdam was that marijuana was legal and there was a red light district, neither of which appealed to me. But after reading The Fault In Our Stars and Just One Day, (and also hearing many stories from friends who have traveled there and doing my own research) it sounds like an amazing city, and somewhere I most certainly have on my bucket list.

4. The Deep South in America: I have read a lot of books based there (The Help, To Kill a Mockingbird, etc). Even though most of the books I’ve read don’t paint a good picture of the area, I am just fascinated to go. I feel like it would have it’s own ‘vibe’.

5. The town of Jellicoe from On The Jellicoe Road: I want this place to exist SO BADLY. Rachel and I will be visiting the Never Never river in Bellingen, (also known as the Promised Land) which is where Melina Marchetta pictures it to be, but it’s not good enough. I want to go to Jellicoe and visit the school and the police station and the prayer tree. I want to live there.  BE REAL DAMMIT


1. The land of Skuldenore from the Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta: This is one of my favourite fantasy series (I have three). While I don’t know if it’s a place I’d want to live, particularly Sarnak, Sorel or Sendecane, I’d most definitely visit, especially Lumatere, if only it existed. I want Lucian of the Monts to piggy-back me up his mountain and Finnikin of the Rock to show me his rock (that sounds hilarious) and Froi? I’ll be getting him to serenade me with a song of my choosing. Probably Desperado by The Eagles.

2. The land of Deltora from the Deltora Quest series by Emily Rodda: One of my other fave fantasy series (can you guess the last one?) It’s aimed at younger readers but I love all 3 series and I will forever, amen. If it existed, I’d choose to visit Deltora as it is after the end of the third and final series, Dragons of Deltora – when everything is all gravy baby and the Shadow Lord is defeated forever (well, hopefully anyway). Cos it sounds totally picturesque. And hello, dragons.

3. New York: Where She Went by Gayle Forman is a major reason why I want to visit New York (apart from it being New York, that is). Basically, I just want to go on the Staten Island ferry at 3 in the morning and then I’ll probably leave.

4. The Secret Island from The Secret Island by Enid Blyton: One of my favourite Enid Blyton books. I used to read it over and over and over and dream of running away to live on the secret island with Jack, Peggy, Mike and Nora. I mean, they built a house made from Willow trees. That’s fracking amazing.

5. Every place they stop in Saving June by Hannah Harrington: Road trips are the best thing ever and this book makes me want to road trip through America. I need to know if Fridgehenge exists. First though, I’d need to conjure up Jacob Tolan and Joplin. What kind of road trip would it be without them?



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