Graffiti Moon – The Places We Couldn’t Go

Usually a post we leave as one of the last, but we decided to do it at the beginning this time as majority of locations we haven’t visited yet. Hoping to venture out this coming weekend, providing the weather doesn’t turn to shit, but who knows with dear old Melbytown.

As with On The Jellicoe Road, Graffiti Moon has more created locations than in the other books we’ve toured. Therefore, there is more locations that we can’t visit because they don’t exist (this is a largely pointless sentence, sorry). However, Cath was kind enough to help us out via email and she’s clarified for us that some locations were based on something similar, but in a different place and some didn’t exist at all. In general, a lot were a combination of different places in different suburbs of Melbourne. She’s given us quite a few ideas and handy hints so we’ll be getting a bit creative in our location touring in an attempt to bring some of these created places to life.

So IN CONCLUSION we’ve got plenty of places to go check out but here is the ones you won’t be seeing posts on: Singer Street, Carville Street and Sycamore (paths traveled on bike or foot), Mason Street (where the party is at), Daley High (the school they were planning to rob) and Edward Street (near the docks, where they fence off an area for people to make art). There is a few Pitt Streets (where Ed lives in a block of flats) in the general area Graffiti Moon is based but we actually forgot to ask Cath about Pitt Street. Oops!

– Rachel


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