Graffiti Moon – Our Thoughts


Graffiti Moon was my introduction to Cath Crowley, and what an introduction!  I bought it in an attempt to read one book from every author that was attending Reading Matters 2011 (which I failed tremendously at).  Graffiti Moon was my absolute favourite – not to diss the other authors because I loved everyone else’s books too but come on…it’s Shadow.  I loved it so much I bought Chasing Charlie Duskin, which I started reading on my trip into the city for day 2 of Reading Matters and I was so enthralled in it that I missed my connecting train (and then Cath immortalised that story by signing “To Annette, sorry you missed the train, Cath Crowley”), but I digress…

There are so many things to love about Graffiti Moon; it’s set in Melbourne, it draws your attention to the amazing street art, Shadow, it’s based on travel, nightlife, pink vans, the cover (the black one with the yellow spray can) and the changing perspectives.  Not to mention that Cath’s writing style is incredible!  The lady certainly has a way with words (even her signing is amazing – ‘I hope you enjoy a night of art, poetry and love’.  And talk about being able to encapsulate a male perspective, I love it when female authors can do it and do it well.  This book makes me want to relive my teenage years (and I NEVER thought I would want to do that again).  The other thing I love about Graffiti Moon is that it just gets better with every re-read.  It started as a 4 on Goodreads but it’s made its way to a 5, making it one of a very select few that make it into the top ranking on my list.  So in conclusion, props to Cath Crowley for living up to the general adage that Aussie YA authors are amazing!


So I’m that idiotic individual that didn’t really like Graffiti Moon when I first read it. I don’t know why. I don’t have a valid reason. But please hold off on throwing tomatoes at me cos I reread it last July when we first decided to tour it. And I really, really liked it. I saw the light, you guys!

I love books set in Australia, and definitely Melbourne in particular. It’s one of my top 5 things that will attract me to a book. And while Graffiti Moon is set in a suburb that is a few different suburbs of Melbourne all rolled into one, it made me want to get off my lazy arse and walk around the city centre (which is a miracle cos I don’t like the city or walking).

A few other things I love about Graffiti Moon:

– Her lyrical writing style: the way she describes locations, Ed’s graffiti art and even colours – ‘I need the shade of blue that rips your heart out. You don’t see that type of blue around here.’ It is just full of many awesome quotes.

– The sense of adventure: road trips is another in my top 5 things that attract me to a book and the cool thing about Graffiti Moon is that it has that road trip feel, without actually featuring a road trip. The travel in the book takes them all over Melbourne in one night and the places they go and the time they spend together is important to the conclusion of the novel.

– The alternating POV: I know some readers have issues with a dual POV but I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with it. In fact, I sometimes enjoy it more when we get to see the story being told from more than just one character’s perspective. ANYWAY. I loved both Ed and Lucy’s telling of the events of their crazy night. Their romantic history and the secret Ed is hiding made for some great tension between them as well.

I also really enjoyed the humour laced throughout the book. And the few unexpected sad moments. Jazz and Leo. And the way Lucy’s parents are actually working through a hard time and not just giving up and getting a divorce. I could go on forever. So what you should really do if you haven’t already, is just read this amazing book.

This is some graffiti from Hosier Lane, a place quite famous in Melbourne for being exclusively dedicated to street art and just a taste of some of the amazing graffiti the city has to offer

IMG_4953          IMG_4956


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