22. Playground – GD

22. Playground - GD

On February 23rd, 2014, we set off on a new tome travel of Simmone Howell’s ‘Girl Defective’.  Fortunately for us, Simmone had already mapped out the locations on Google Maps.  You can view this here.  This map, combined with a re-read and a very helpful list that Simmone kindly provided us with, allowed us to map out Girl Defective in photo form.  We are very happy to share it with you all.    


‘We mosied down to the park and sat on the swings… Nancy lit a cigarette and blew a plume of smoke into the blue. “We had some adventures, didn’t we?”‘ – pg 292 & 293

We had a grand old time on this cute playground. Like Nancy & Sky, we went on the swings. And by that, I mean we each had a turn at swinging as high as possible on the swings: Annette managed to get an amazing photo of me on a downward descent and I’m defying gravity like a motherfracking boss. Then I photo stalked an insanely fat pigeon, who we declared ringleader of the bajillion of them who were just chilling, watching our antics. After that, I went about my usual business of taking a squillion years to scope out the best angle for my photo while Annette watched me, patiently nurturing my OCD ways.

– Rachel


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