17. The Elwood Canal – GD

17. The Elwood Canal

On February 23rd, 2014, we set off on a new tome travel of Simmone Howell’s ‘Girl Defective’.  Fortunately for us, Simmone had already mapped out the locations on Google Maps.  You can view this here.  This map, combined with a re-read and a very helpful list that Simmone kindly provided us with, allowed us to map out Girl Defective in photo form.  We are very happy to share it with you all.    


‘I closed my eyes and saw Mia in her silver dress weaving along the road. Cars honked and she gave them the finger. Then she was standing over the canal seeking her reflection in the water. I heard the splash, her surprised yelp. I could almost feel the shock of the cold.’ – pg 243

Simmone suggested that we walk along the Elwood canal, so we did and it was probably the most eventful part of the day. We also wanted to see the old workers cottages near the end of the canal as we were told that this is where Ray lived, so we took a leisurely stroll. We encountered several problems along the way;

1) We are both pasty (Rachel is a ginger) and we forgot sunscreen. So we both got nice and burnt.

2) It was a long walk and we needed to pee.

3) Our feet hurt.

4) The canal smells….bad!

5) We each nearly got run over by a couple of bike riders… twice – this may or may not have been our fault… both times.

But there was some cool stuff too, like a family with 3 small children trying to sell home-made lemonade on the walkway – they jumped out from behind a big umbrella yelling ‘Lemonade, 1 dollar!’.  It was pretty cute, but we were both busting at that point. There was also these interesting little stories paved into the walkway, talking about stuff that’s happened there over the years. All in all, I liked the walk, but it would have been better to do it at the start of the day, not when it was hot and stinky.

– Annette


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