16. St Kilda Marina – GD



On February 23rd, 2014, we set off on a new tome travel of Simmone Howell’s ‘Girl Defective’.  Fortunately for us, Simmone had already mapped out the locations on Google Maps.  You can view this here.  This map, combined with a re-read and a very helpful list that Simmone kindly provided us with, allowed us to map out Girl Defective in photo form.  We are very happy to share it with you all.    


‘I caught the tram down to the junction and then to the beach. The marina glittered in the distance, her mess of masts looked like a giant’s game of pick-up sticks… Two black swans by the dry dock sheds; a bright blue sky behind them. I found Luke straightaway. He was cleaning a boat. He had his shirt off. Which was both nice and unnerving.’ pg 225-226

St Kilda Marina was a location we nearly forgot about. We had just got back to the car after a long walk to take photos of a few different locations and our feet were killing us cos we’re Australian and we wore thongs (not flip-flops, not jandals – THONGS) for a day largely consisting of walking around, so we were ready to sit down and drive some more. But then I remembered as were about to drive off to the canal, so we decided that instead of driving to the marina and trying to find a park, I would valiantly volunteer to walk to it and get the photo while Annette stayed with the car to figure out where we would park next to get us as close to Elwood canal as possible. We were only in 1 hour parking so the plan was that Annette would drive off if a parking inspector tried to fine us, which was a terrible plan as I realised at the marina that I didn’t have my phone with me. BUT ANYWAY. I struggled on down Marine Parade, cursing my stupid feet and their collapsing arches and my silly choice of footwear until I reached the marina, subsequently couldn’t figure out how to get in and just took some hasty photos while leaning over a fence. I didn’t see any swans, and I didn’t see a shirtless Luke, much to my disappointment.

– Rachel



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