13. Belford Street – GD

13. Belford Street - GD

On February 23rd, 2014, we set off on a new tome travel of Simmone Howell’s ‘Girl Defective’.  Fortunately for us, Simmone had already mapped out the locations on Google Maps.  You can view this here.  This map, combined with a re-read and a very helpful list that Simmone kindly provided us with, allowed us to map out Girl Defective in photo form.  We are very happy to share it with you all.    


‘Do you own or have you seen a white Jeep?  Sticker on the back says LOVE LIVE LOCAL.  Come into the Wishing Well, ask for Agent Seagull Martin, Special Investigations Unit, in collaboration with St Kilda PD. Reward.’ – pg 174

Simmone told us that Gully put this sign up on Belford street. There isn’t really anything significant about this street, but it was quite funny because we actually walked right down this street at the start of our day and didn’t realise. Then it got to the end of a long, hot day and we were pretty tired but couldn’t leave without ticking it off the list. So I drove down the street thinking I could get parking.  Well… I got parking, but it wasn’t really legal, and then Rachel got out and took a photo whilst people told her we shouldn’t be parking there. We ignored them, cos they obviously did not understand the importance of us getting the photo. And then we went home.

– Annette


2 thoughts on “13. Belford Street – GD

    • thetometravellers says:

      It’s been more difficult this time actually because we did it in the space of a day instead of a week. Much less time to accumulate the funny.
      – Annette

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