Top Ten Tuesday – 16. Characters I Would NEVER Want To Trade Places With

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish (click on the picture to visit their blog). A new Top Ten list is posted every week for fellow bloggers to participate in.


This week’s Top Ten was a choice between; ‘Worlds you would never want to live in’ and ‘Characters you would never want to trade places with’.  I decided to go with the latter, seeing as I don’t really read many books set in different worlds.  In no particular order;

1. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games triology) – Does this need an explanation? Really? If you’re searching for one, just look up someone else’s Top Ten. I’m sure she features on many other lists.

2. Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice) – If I ever become that boring, for the love of God, please punch me in the face. I would NEVER want to trade places with someone so caught up on finding the man of her dreams to marry and take care of her for the rest of her life. It may be a literary classic and I’m sure there is more to the story than that, but all I got from it was ‘whine whine whine Mr. Darcy whine whine how shall I ever live without a man?’ Imagine being stuck in that head every damn day…

3. Severus Snape (Harry Potter series) – Was he ever happy? Snape is actually a bit of a hero and his legacy will live on, but I would not want to spend my life in a state of constant misery. No thank you.

4. Hazel Grace (The Fault In Our Stars) – It broke my actual and literal heart just reading about it. Imagine being Hazel Grace…

5. Cathy (Flowers In The Attic) – *Spoilers* So it’s bad enough that her mum and grandma are totally crazy, but she falls for her brother.  And, you know, the rest…. EWWWWW. I’d rather trade places with Katniss.

6. Jessica (Jessica) – You have to hand it to the girl, she’s a fighter. I definitely would not have that kind of strength. If I traded places with Jessica, the book would not have gone past chapter 2. She can keep her life.

7. Winston Smith (1984) – George Orwell did a great job of imagining a world that I’m sure most, if not all, people would not want to live in.  (Although, according to Today Tonight we already closely resemble this imagine world – For the non-Aussies, Today Tonight is a comedy news program) And then, to be Winston Smith? Aware of what’s going on, trusting no-one, constantly in fear. I think I’d rather take the conformist, blind faith, naïve individual route. Less rats that way.

8. Pi (The Life of Pi) – I’m scared of sharks attacking me at random in my day to day life and I don’t live anywhere near the beach. I would not be happy about floating around in open waters for a couple hundred days. Even if they did make a cool movie about me that looked really awesome in 3D

9. Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter series) – Could you imagine being that horrible?! I would NEVER EVER EVER want to be that horrible. I wouldn’t want to be any amount of horrible, but that level of horrible is just…NO! Also, all the pink…

10. Anyone from Twilight (Twilight) – Because then you would have had to have been in Twilight.

– Annette


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – 16. Characters I Would NEVER Want To Trade Places With

    • thesideofwonder says:

      Yeah I struggled with choosing a HP one because there are so many characters I wouldn’t want to trade places with. But Harry is up there!

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