Our Top Two Favourite Quotes From The Piper’s Son

‘“Later, when they were almost asleep he had called out to her.
‘We’ll make a great team. You plant. I build.”’- Tom and Tara, pg 211

“Ned?’ he says, after a while. ‘Oi, Ned?’

‘If someone says to you that the guy they’re going out with doesn’t have to prove how smart he is, what’s your response?’
‘That he’s dumb.’
‘And if he has a sixpack?’
‘Dumb jock.’
‘Not too intense.’
‘Dumb jock with no personality.’
‘And they see eye to eye?’
Ned pauses. ‘With the spitfire from Dili?’
Same,’ Tom corrects.
Ned holds up a hand to where Tara would reach him in height.
‘Dumb jock with no personality and short-man syndrome.’
‘Thanks, Ned.’
‘Anytime.”’ – Tom and Ned, pg 213


3 thoughts on “Our Top Two Favourite Quotes From The Piper’s Son

  1. I love that second quote, and I was lucky enough to hear the author reading it out loud a few years ago at the Sydney Writers’ Festival. I cried pretty much throughout this book. I loved Tom so much.

  2. thetometravellers says:

    Oh man! So jealous. Who else did you see at the festival?

    Tom is an absolute BABE. Best Melina Marchetta male character ever,

  3. No other YA authors (Anna Goldsworthy, Alison Booth and Charlotte Wood). And then the session with Marchetta and David Levithan was full so I couldn’t get in.

    I love Tom’s anger. I waver between Tom and Jonah as my favourite. Depends on which book I’m reading. 😀

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