Harry Potter Park (A.K.A Hyde Park)


So back in April of 2013, I briefly mentioned that while we were gallivanting around Hyde Park doing silly things like going for runs and such, we had random people offer to take a photo of Rachel in a compromising position. Which brings us to the sign in the photo above. When we saw it in Hyde Park, we were pretty excited – I mean, who wouldn’t be?  Even John Green thought it was cool enough to put in one of his videos! (0:46)

So, naturally, we took photos of ourselves next to it. I was taking the photo above when a group of strangers walked by and asked if I would also like to get in the photo. I politely declined, but unfortunately, it was too late for Rachel. They had already seen her like that.  This is one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments, but it was incredibly funny and we laughed about it for days.

– Annette.



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