The Piper’s Son – The Places We Couldn’t Go

The places we could visit from TPS was largely impacted by the fact that a road trip to Brisbane takes place within the story. While this undoubtedly adds to the awesomeness of the story, it also left us at a disadvantage as we had already road tripped to Sydney. Going on to Brisbane would have been some kind of Inception-like experience – road trip within a road trip. Basically, we didn’t have time to travel all the way to Brisbane.  So the places we couldn’t go are;

1. Brisbane (of course)

2. DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, where Jacinta Louise works).

3. City Cat to Riverside (When Tom takes Annabel for ice cream).

4,5 & 6. Lennox Head, Byron and Coffs Harbour (all visited on the drive).

7. Mudgee. (Tom spends a family vacation here). While not in Brisbane, this was still too far to visit.

8. Albury/Wodonga (where Nanni Grace and Pop Bill live). We did go through Albury/Wodonga, however we didn’t get a photo.

9. Cafe La Scala (Georgie meets her friends here). This is said to be in the Italian Forum, however we googled and visited and couldn’t find it.  One would presume it a) no longer exists or b) never existed.

10. The fountain at the Italian Forum – we posted this picture and honest to god thought we had the right location….apparently not.  So I guess it goes on this list by default?



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