48. Leichhardt Oval – TPS

“‘Are you coming on Sunday Tom?’ she asks. ‘Both your teams are playing each other at Leichhardt oval.'”– pg 259

Leichhardt oval was an oversight when we went on our road trip and it wasn’t until one of the many occasions on our blogging nights that Rachel was flicking through the book instead of actively contributing that she noticed that we hadn’t actually included it on our list.  Fortunately Melina Marchetta and Gayle Forman were talking at Kinokuniya book store, Sydney in May 2013, so we obviously had to get plane tickets (which Rachel bought for my birthday present! Best ever) and go there for ‘Just One Day’ (oh. em. gee. second best day of our LIVES). It was this day that we got our opportunity to rectify our former oversight.

Thanks to my Aunty Taylor, we were able to get to Leichhardt Oval with relative ease as she kindly drove us there.  To say thanks, we politely abandoned her to do the talking when we got in trouble for walking on the oval… ‘Cos you wouldn’t want to ruin the grass and mud that gets churned up by football boots…..



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