46. Temple Street – TPS

‘He goes for a walk and finds himself two blocks away in Temple Street, outside the house he grew up in. It’s a semi, much smaller than Georgie’s, with a tiny garden path and a bit of a lawn and a border for planting roses.’ – pg  85

I think Temple Street was probably my favourite location. I’ve mentioned before how doing the playlists made me feel close to these characters who are so very dear to me. Fictional or not, Thomas Mackee is to me what Tara Finke is to him. So Temple Street was probably most exciting for me because it’s most specific to him; a Tom-only location. And look, maaaaaybe I was hoping we could find his house, based on the description given in the book… And maybe I was hoping we would find him there… Ok, ok, the lines between fiction & reality become a little blurred for me sometimes. Anyway, we were visiting a few other locations that are in the same area so we parked down the end of Temple Street and walked down to Stanmore Station before crossing over to the other side to head back up Percival Road and then we trundled up and down Temple Street, looking at the houses and having an intense I-wish-with-all-heart-that-my favourite-fictional-characters-were-real moment. Then I checked us in on FB. And then what else was there to do but take many a photo? The one above is my absolute fave of the lot, and definitely one of my faves from our entire road trip.

– Rachel


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