45. Maroubra Beach – TPS


‘In the early hours of the morning a bunch of them drive to Maroubra Beach like they used to when they were at school.’ – pg 152

So visiting Maroubra Beach was a different experience in the way that we had to drive out of the city to get to it and it had more of a suburban feel, but the same in the way that we still got lost in our attempt to get there. Oh, if there’s one thing you can depend on, it’s our ability to get lost. But anyhoo, not-so-long story short, we got there in the end, parked with relative ease for a change and hopped out to mosey on down to the boardwalk slash promenade thing. We were in a rather hysterical mood because we were killing ourselves laughing over Laddergoat AGAIN. Yes, you can also be sure of our ability to find something incredibly hilarious, no matter how old it is in the world of the interwebz. So we were walking along, quoting aloud and laughing our heads off while also trying to find a sign or something that we could photograph that would identify this place as Maroubra beach. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything, so I made Annette create a make-shift sign: like Waterloo Oval, in the photo above, Annette has her arm over the word ‘Playground’. Sadly, it was the best we could do. Then we went and sat on the beach so we could read for a while. But Annette really isn’t the greatest fan of the beach plus the wind was quite strong so we didn’t stay long before heading home.

– Rachel





2 thoughts on “45. Maroubra Beach – TPS

  1. Taylor says:

    Okay so now, ancient and pre-television let alone the internet that I am, I now need (need?) to find out what ‘ladder goat’ is!!! Great shot of the beach!
    Ciao Taylor xxx

    • thesideofwonder says:

      I can’t believe we didn’t show you you laddergoat when we were there! It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely for Rachel and I 😛

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